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Elven Desktop © Nikosha

Elven Desktop v1.2


This is the Wood-Elf version of the Ultima Online desktop.


1. Make a copy of your original verdata.mul and fonts.mul files. You can find these files in your Ultima Online folder. Make sure to keep these original files, so that you could restore your default settings if needed.
2. Extract files from the file elven_desktop_v1.2.zip into your Ultima Online folder. Click 'Yes' when asked to overwrite previous files.
3. Run VerdataPatcherNEW.exe.

Download Elven Desktop v1.2 (585kb)

Elven Desktop Lite


This is a "light" version of the elven desktop. The only difference between default desktop and this one is the appearance of the containers. Chests, barrels, sacks and bags are in the elven style.

Download Elven Desktop Lite (280kb)

Elven Desktop Alternative Life


This is an alternative status bar in the elven style. Install this file if you want your stats to look different.

Download Elven Desktop Alternative Life (71kb)